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FAQ for Members


1. Welcome!

1.1. What is SinfulCall?

SinfulCall is a place for open-minded adults who care to indulge in the world of free-spirited erotic fantasies. This is where you can talk about your desires without any limitations and reveal your wildest dreams straight from your browser! This is the next best thing to phone sex as we know it, and hopefully you will share the same opinion soon.

Join for free and control your payments - there are no hidden fees or overbilling in our business. Your privacy is always safe with us, when you spend time on the site and even outside, concerning all billing or data handling issues.

1.2. Become a Member

In order to use the services of SinfulCall, you need to sign up. It is free to register and you can also take your time browsing among the services before you embark on an actual purchase.

In order to sign up, simply follow the instructions in the registration process. We ask for your e-mail address and you need to choose a Screen Name and password.

You can use your real name or you can make one as you Member Name up to protect your privacy, but keep in mind that it is used throughout the site, so if you use your real name, it will be visible to everyone.

On the other hand, if you are interested in becoming a Chat Host, learn more here: AdultChatHosts or drop us a line at info@sinfulcall.com.

1.3. Payment Options and Buying Credits

Browse our categories and tags to find the right Chat Hosts to your liking. You can view Chat Host listings, feedback and credit rates before you start a call or make a purchase, so it has never been easier for you to find your dream Hosts!

After you feel settled and found Hosts to your liking, you can call the via our call provider by pressing the Call button on the Chat Host's profile or on the main page, on their respective profile cards. In order to do so, first you need to buy credits. We accept both credit and debit cards. All members are required to have a valid credit or debit card for their account at all times.

Select the ‘Buy Credits’ option from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the page.

There are 7 types of sums to purchase:


10 Credits (for $9,99)

30 Credits (for $29,99)

70 Credits (for $69,99)

130 Credits + 5 Credits free (for $129,99)

160 Credits + 10 Credits free (for $159,99)

300 Credits + 30 Credits free (for $299,99)

1000 Credits + 50 Credits free (for $959,99)

In order to buy credits, just click on the amount of credits you wish to purchase. The costs of your calls will be deducted from your credit balance.

Your credits will allow you to call the Hosts and buy their media. No charges will appear in your telephone bill. A purchase is a one-time charge on your bank account.

2. Contacting the Chat Hosts

2.1. Placing Calls

To call a Chat Host, find an online Chat Host with whom you would like to speak and click the CALL or CALL ME button respectively on their profile card on the main page or profile pages. If the Chat Host proves to be offline eventually, do not hesitate to drop them a message and ask for a notification when they come online.

You pay the per-minute credit rate on the Chat Host’s listing for as long as you wish to speak. The cost of your call will be deducted from your SinfulCall credit balance, which you fund using your credit card.

2.2. Messaging

You can message any of our Chat Hosts directly from the public listings or on their personal profile pages. Messaging is free of charge.

2.3. Listen to Voice Welcome Messages

A Voice Welcome Message is a message recorded by a Chat Host for their customers to listen to: a story, a fantasy, a role-playing scenario. You can listen to a Voice Welcome Message whenever you want, without any additional cost and as many times as you want.

To listen to a Voice Welcome Message, simply press play and enjoy!

2.4. Leaving Feedback

You can give the Chat Hosts tips (20, 50, 100, 300 or 500 credits) or honor their work by buying them goodies from their personal Amazon Wishlist (if provided).

2.5. Buying Contents for Sale

You can now buy Contents for Sale uploaded by the Chat Hosts: audio and video clips and never before seen photo sets.

2.6. The SinfulCall Direct Phone Number

A brand new way to call your favorite Chat Hosts even if you do not wish to enter your phone number on Sinfulcall.

Our direct phone number (free to dial from the US!) is available for you all the time to call: (800) 256-8015 You pay for the call with the credits purchased on SinfulCall.

If you wish to make calls from outside the US directly with this number, just place a +1 prefix in front of it but the dialling will not be toll free.

You will find your own ID and your PIN on your Account Settings page

Save them or have them at hand when you place a call as you will need them, just as the personal ID of the Chat Host you will call (you will find her ID on her profile page). You need to enter these data when required during the course of the call.

3. Finding Chat Hosts

Finding the right Chat Hosts for you is easy and can be done several ways:

- Browse by selecting the category and topic of your choice in the menu on the left side of the home page

- Go directly to a Chat Host's Profile if you know her name

4. Leaving Feedback & Ratings

You can leave your feedback after a call with a Chat Host: you can tip them or honor their work by buying them goodies from their personal Amazon Wishlist.

5. Managing Your Account

5.1. Deleting Your Account

Send us a mail from the Contact Form or at info@sinfulcall.com if you wish to delete your account.

5.2. Account Settings

Account Settings is your personal dashboard that puts all your account information at your fingertips: your Screen Name, your e-mail addresses, your phone numbers, your password.

5.3. Messages

You will find all in here for an overview and to edit or manage:

- Message Center to overlook all your messages with the Chat Hosts - Blocking / Unblocking to oversee your contacts with each of the Hosts you blocked (you can also unblock them)

5.4. Password Protection

For your security and to protect your private account information, your account is password protected. If you have forgotten your password, use the Forgot Password? link on the login page to create a new one. You can change your password on the Account Settings page as well.

5.5. Managing your finances

We like to keep things simple on SinfulCall - we hope you prefer this too. Your current credit balance is always displayed in the top right corner of the page whenever you are logged in. You just need to click on the ‘Buy credits’ button to navigate you to the page where you can increase your credit balance. It is that simple - all your purchases and call expenses are detailed in your Account Settings to keep you informed about all your past spendings. However, if your have questions or complaints, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail. We kindly ask you to provide the details of your query or complaint so that we can investigate your case to the fullest.

6. Security Guidelines

Have a safe and fun experience on our page! Here is all you need to know about importance and safety on SinfulCall.

6.1. Our payment processing partners, Escalion’s and CCBill's approach is to:

- Build and maintain a secure network

- Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data

- Protect stored cardholder data

- Develop and maintain secure systems and applications

- Restrict access to cardholder data by business need-to-know

- Restrict physical access to cardholder data

- Track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data

- Regularly test security systems and processes

- Maintain a policy that addresses information security for employees and contractors

6.2. Measures You Can Take to Keep Your Information Safe

Password Strength

Having a strong password is very important. Passwords based on addresses, family names, pet names, birthdays, 123456, ABCDEF, or anything in the dictionary are very weak and easy to assume. Hackers will definitely go through an entire dictionary trying to guess a password and can take less than a day to figure one out. They will also go through all the simple combinations on a keyboard such as ASDF and 1234. Strong passwords are at least 8 or more characters long and consist of lower and upper case letters as well as at least one number/character. Typically the longer and more complex or obscure the password is, the harder it is to crack (you can pick passwords up to 16 characters long on SinfulCall.com). An easy way to remember a strong password is to create a personal one. So instead of having a password of "sinfuldreams" you can create "S1nfu1dr34ms”. Using numbers to replace specific letters is also a handy way to keep your password easy to remember but hard for others to guess.

Vary and Change Your Password Often

You should have a unique password for each site you use and each account on that site. In the event that one password is compromised, at least the others are safe. Writing down a password or keeping it stored on your computer is entirely up to you, however it is extremely important that you do not disclose it to anyone. This includes other SinfulCall members and social network (even chat room) users. Even your friends or anyone you think would never do anything malicious with your account could accidentally provide your account information to someone else. Please bear in mind that we will never ask you for your password so avoid all requests for passwords regardless of who they come from. If you decide to keep your password on file or on paper, make sure you keep it in a safe place preferably where a key is required or in a secure place on your hard drive. We recommend changing your password every 30 to 90 days.

Protecting Your Computer

Always keep your computer safe by installing the latest versions of antivirus software and a personal firewall. The two most popular programs are McAfee and Norton. In addition, always check for browser updates for the latest antivirus protection. It's always safer to use your own computer rather than other computers. When using another computer, you run the risk of exposing information to others, especially on public computers. If you must use another computer, be sure to delete all your "Temporary Internet Files" and clear all of your history when you log off.

Avoiding Spoofed E-mails and Online Fraud Scams

Never reply to e-mails or click on links that ask for personal information (your address, passwords, bank account numbers, PIN codes or social security numbers are the most sought after data for phishing).

Spoofed E-mails or Phishing Attempts

Phishing attempts by third parties maliciously try to trick you into providing personal information. Such e-mails direct you to websites that look like SinfulCall when, in fact, they are falsified. Do not click on links to specific websites that are included in all e-mails, chat rooms, blogs, and social networking sites because they will often direct you to a spoofed website. Spoofed e-mails are very common in internet chat rooms. In fact, most fraud occurs on these programs since they are easily accessible to hackers. Be very cautious with suspicious interactions and links. For example, someone could send you an e-mail pretending under the alias of SinfulCall and ask you to sign in to your account and enter personal information. When clicking on this link, you are directed to a site that looks like SinfulCall. However, in reality, this site is being controlled by a third party to obtain personal information. Often these e-mails contain grammatical errors or unusual reply e-mail addresses. If the e-mail's reply address looks something like sinfulcall-security@yahoo.com or sinfulcall-fraud@msn.com, you can be certain that it's spoofed. Again, when in doubt, never click on a link in a chat room, a social networking site, or from a suspicious e-mail.

Online Fraud Scams

Always avoid e-mails that have a sense of emergency, indicate rewards, and ask for or promise upfront payment. E-mails that include "Your account has been cancelled, click here to restore it" and "Click here to reactivate and pay your account" are good examples of online fraud scams that we strongly recommend you to avoid.

Staying Safe and Reporting Fraud

These guidelines should be applied to all your online accounts including e-mails, internet chat programs, blogs, and social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. Keep in mind that fraudsters will piece information together on these sites in an attempt to capture your password. If you suspect you have a compromised account, please change your password immediately. Change your e-mail passwords and contact your credit card company. You also have the option to file a police report and an identity theft complaint. Remember, we will work with you to help protect your account. If you suspect any kind of unusual or fraudulent activity, contact us via e-mail. Should you ever come across a phishing attempt that comes under the alias or claims to be associated with SinfulCall.com, please copy the e-mail, send it us through our contact form and we will contact you shortly. This helps protect not only your account and bank account security, but also all other members on SinfulCall.

7. Paying by Credit and Debit Card

You can use the following cards on SinfulCall:

- Visa

- MasterCard

- Debit or ATM cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo

7.1. Payment Safety

Our payment processing partners, Escalion’s and CCBill's secure servers encrypt all credit card information ensuring all payments are secure.

7.2. Troubleshooting and Declined Authorizations

If you are not able to buy credits because your card is declined:

Make sure you have entered your data correctly, including the expiration date and the card security code (at the back of the card). Contact the credit card issuer to learn about their security policies. Sometimes they just want to know that it is you attempting the transaction and many decline issues can be resolved by a simple phone call to the issuer. Unexpected activity, first time purchases, and high value purchases typically alarm most banks. Banks can also have spending limits on your card. Daily limits are typically set and if you exceed this limit your card will get blocked. Regardless of how much money is available, exceeding this threshold may prevent you from using your card. If you have any other questions regarding your card, please contact your credit card issuer or financial institution.

8. Prohibited Content

8.1. Children

SinfulCall will remove any listings and prohibits any messaging containing or referring to child pornography. In no event may images of children, whether nude, clothed, or partially clothed, be shown on the site. We have zero tolerance towards images or conversations that exploit children. In the event that we discover listings that contain pictures or references of children in any way or form, we will terminate the account and report the owner to the appropriate authorities.

8.2. Obscenity

SinfulCall prohibits any listings or mail that contain content including bestiality, sexual acts that lack the consent of either of the parties, such as rape sex, incest, bestiality, hate speech, cannibalism and other content that may be judged as obscene. We have zero tolerance towards such obscenity and will terminate the account and report the owner to the appropriate authorities.

8.3. Spam

You are not allowed to send unsolicited e-mails to people whom you do not know or to people who have not given their consent to receive such e-mails. This behavior will result in banning you from the site.

9. General Usage Information

We advise you to use the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer for best experience.

The following operating systems are supported: Windows, OSX and Linux.

If you have any questions, please contact us through our Contact Form.